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Welcome to C.I.C.T.

Create Art With Us

Meet the Team



Monica S. Barclift 


Monica Barclift is a dancer/choreographer from Queens, NY. She began dancing at the age of 3, at a family owned dance studio (Askew Dancers) founded by her late grandmother. Monica furthered her dance journey by taking classes at Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning (JCAL) and eventually training under Tina Thompson and the SKIN Dance Company. She currently holds her B.A. in Theater and Dance from Queens College and works full time as a Preschool teacher. Monica founded the group in early 2021, after realizing how much each individual shared similar outlooks and passions when it came to the arts community. With the help of her team, she’s able to create a space where each person can shine solo while also enjoying the ride and the company of one another no matter the location. 


Gavy Contreras


Gavy Contreras has been dancing for 20 years and is currently pursuing her Master’s in Journalism at the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY. She received her Bachelor’s in Film and Media Studies, with a focus in Journalism and Dance from Queens College. She has a deep devotion and appreciation for arts and culture, and during her undergraduate studies she was a part of the choreographers showcase and created her own 14-minute piece focused on self-love and mental health.

Her experiences in the dance realm sparked her interest in telling the stories of underrepresented and disadvantaged groups. Growing up in Jamaica, Queens as a Latina with indigenous features, she became aware of the socio-economic issues that limited access to dance, the body image dilemma and racial inequity that many dancers of colors face. She wants to help the arts flourish and introduce it to others, exploring the multiple facets it has to offer.


Zoe Felix


Zoe Felix is a multi-faceted individual who has a love for the arts! She’s been dancing since she was 5 and she is not shy to bringing out the best in the people around her. Zoe runs a Fashion and Lifestyle blog “ Twiggy Versatile “ where she encourages people to seek out the silver linings in life and to look at the glass half full. If she’s not in the city doing photoshoots. She’s sharing style tips while sharing her authentic experiences so that others don’t have to feel alone, she too knows that it’s okay to not be okay sometimes. When she’s not blogging she is working towards her Masters Degree in Public Relations and Strategic Communication. She hopes to take her personal brand to the next level and help others do the same while building her portfolio in school. Zoe is also passionate about photography and believes that there is beauty in all living things.


Erica Hines


Erica has been dancing her whole life but began training at the age of 10. She mainly focuses on different styles of hip hop such as popping, locking, lite feet, breaking, and commercial hip hop, but has also studied other dance genres. She trains with many choreographers in the industry such as Theresa Stone, Ian Eastwood, Bgirl Tynee, Rhapsody James and many more. She’s been choreographing and teaching children since the age of 16. She has performed with the artist YUNA for We Day 2019 at the Barclays Center and with Lady D for Wonderama TV in Times Square. She’s excited to train, grow, and share her love for dance with you all. 


Takiya Roebuck

Yoga Instructor/Dancer

Takiya started dancing at the age of six years old. Starting with tap, she later studied ballet, modern, jazz & hip hop. She got her first choreography opportunity at the age of 15 when she assisted choreographed a piece for JCAL’s annual show. She continued to dance and choreograph college events throughout New York. She later returned to school and graduated with her bachelors degree in dance while obtaining her yoga teaching certification. She currently teaches dance and yoga in public schools throughout New York. 


Devonté Smith


What’s up y’all! my name is Devonté, I’m 21 years, and I am a professional dancer. I’ve been dancing my whole life but didn’t start training professionally until I was 19. My first dance class was actually a ballet class when i was around 5 years old and I’ve been switching between modern, jazz, and hip hop ever since. Even though my desired style is hip hop, I’m still very versatile, so don’t play haha! Throughout my dance journey, I’ve trained under Keenan Cooks, Theresa Stone, James Alonzo, and Hunter Salvatore, just to name a few. I’ve also been blessed with some amazing jobs this year. A couple being for an artist named Frankie Zulferino, who I’ve danced with for multiple gigs… including Times Square, Harlem Week, and Wigs & Wishes 2021! I also sometimes choreograph for fun just to teach my friends (maybe that’ll change in the near future, who knows). Lastly, my favorite color is blue. I love fashion & also hope to get into modeling soon.


Brianna Bernard


Hey y’all, my name is Brianna Bernard, I am a historian, educator and dancer born and raised in Brooklyn. I have been dancing hip hop and jazz for 9 years and throughout my journey I have learned some ballet, contemporary and gymnastics along the way. Dancing has helped me find my way in this world and my goal as a dancer and educator is to help others who may have lost their way through the love of dance.


Taianna Danzine


Taianna Danzine is a lover of all things Dance. When she was nine years old she joined Youth United to Save Ourselves, a praise dance group. At Philippa Schuyler Middle School she took modern dance with Carol Lonnie, and fell in love with the world of dance. She has studied African, Ballet, Dance Hall, Latin, Modern, Praise, Step, Tap and is interested in expanding her dance vocabulary even more. Taianna was an active member of the Dance community at Queens College where she was she recieved her Bachelors Degree and was a part of the athletic's department Dance Team. Outside of being a Dance enthusiast Taianna is a Program Director for the New York Junior Tennis and Learning Afterschool Program. In the future she aspires to dance semi-professionally and create a non-profit Program to guide and aid in the development of inner city youth through the Arts. She has received scholarships to study Dance in Movement Research's Summer MELT intensive, Dance Entrophy, and most recently the Accelerator Program at Gibney. The main thing's that shape Taianna as a person is her experience  as one of 9 children and being a follower of Christ, which is embedded in every aspect of her life.

About Us

Artistic Souls

C.I.C.T. was founded in 2021, by Monica S. Barclift after gathering a group of friends together to create a choreographed visual for her birthday. During the process, Monica realized how similar each individuals situations were to one another. Stories and experiences relating to the stresses and the pressures in the arts community were shared, which created a stronger and unique bond between the group. 

Our members come from different backgrounds in the arts community and strive to use their talents, as a unit, to create a space that’s comfortable and inclusive for everyone. C.I.C.T. was built on love and is about bringing that love and fun back into our crafts. When people see us, we want them to feel genuine joy and passion in their hearts. 


The Future As We See It

Bringing Artists Together

C.I.C.T is a new Artist Collective located in the greater NYC area. We strive to create an environment that promotes, individuality and inclusivity. Dealing with the constant stress of “not feeling good enough” and/or the pressures of “fitting a certain image” in the arts world, C.I.C.T focuses on the genuine enjoyment of creating something that can be shared with others. Our mission is to bring a sense of authenticity and relatability to the world, in person and on camera. 


Our Collective Values

A Home for Creatives

Over the course of the last year the members of C.I.C.T. have built a bond that some would describe as ‘rare’. To be involved with us, means there must be a mutual understanding of important principles that make us who we are as team. 

  • Transparency 

    • Being clear on emotions and obstacles that may be going on. 

  • Team-Work

    • Realizing that no one person has control. Making the load a little lighter on a another when things get too heavy. 

  • Individualism 

    • Understanding that everyone is their own person and that each person deserves a chance to shine.

  • Positivity

    • Always creating an environment that’s warm and welcoming to work in. 

  • Passion

    • Genuinely loving what you do and the people who you create with. 

  • Authenticity/Genuineness 

    • Never changing yourself for anybody.



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